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Live entertainment is a feature of The Astor, with big name bands from The Rubens to Thirtsy Merc & Diesel gracing the stage. We also feature regular live music on Friday nights in the front bar.


The Astor Hotel offers a big city experience in a family friendly environment with genuine country hospitality.

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From 7.30pm



from 8pm

from 7pM




Jack Lance


Jess Allen

MARCH 15 - 8PM

Ashleigh Chapman

MARCH 22 - 8PM

Pete Campbell

MARCH 29 - 8PM


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If you love 90’s rock, loud guitars, bad attitudes & big anthemic smash hits then you simply cannot afford to miss Wonderwall Oasis Tribute Show - Australia’s #1 tribute to the great OASIS! Here is your opportunity to relive the excitement and energy that once upon a time took the whole entire world by storm.

Hailing from Manchester UK, renowned Oasis tribute vocalist Karl Lockett & his touring band have arrived to channel the 90’s juggernaut Oasis with authenticity, passion & swagger to take you back to that special time when the world passionately sang in unison to timeless smash hits like Don't Look back In Anger, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, Roll With It & What's The Story Morning Glory. 


It’s time to rock just like back in the day! Go on and AVE IT! 

Get your license to party to the ultimate Oasis fan experience NOW but hurry, as tickets are limited!

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Buckle up ya rock n roll maniacs, cos Goulburn and Albion Park are about to get a sonic explosion courtesy of two tribute bands that'll leave your ears in a metal meltdown!

Friday, May 10th, Astor Hotel, Goulburn and Saturday, May 11th, Oaks Hotel, Albion Park, Lies N’. Destruction and Fake No More combine forces for 2 nights of chaos, imagine a freight train colliding with a symphony orchestra conducted by a dragon on fire, this is one run of shows not to be missed.
Brace yourselves for Lies N Destruction, a Guns N' Roses tribute band so goddamn real, Axl Rose himself might call in sick and send these degenerates on stage instead! We're talkin' Slash chugging Jack Daniels like it's his morning OJ, and Axl's vocals that'll soar higher than a junkie's hopes after a fresh score. Expect an eardrum exfoliation that'll melt your face, guitar solos that'll have you reaching for pops walking frame, and enough attitude to make even Steven Adler blush. Lies N’ Destruction are
a sonic goddamn hurricane that'll rip through you like a runaway lawnmower after a case of VB
Fake No More will take you on a trip through the twisted carnival of Faith No More! We're talkin' Mike Patton vocals that'll switch from angelic croons to throat-shredding growls faster than a politician on election day. We've got Roddy Bottum's keyboards so funky they'll have nanna doing the robot and Mike Bordin's drumming that'll hit you harder than a blind man in a mosh pit. Expect the unexpected, from "Epic" singalongs to "Surprise! You're Dead" mosh pits, and enough weirdness to make Tim Burton say, "Whoa, that's a bit much, even for me."


So, there you have it ya rock n roll maniacs! Two nights of sonic debauchery that'll leave you with tinnitus and a story for the kids that'll make them nauseous with embarrassment.

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The idea for the show all stemmed from not being able to get tickets to any concert on Luke Combs 2023 Australian Tour

Ross Webb and his band The Rusted Track are all massive fans of Luke Combs’s music and were already covering some of his classic tunes in their show well before Ross came up with the idea of a tribute show.

Whilst the show is in its infancy it has sold out shows across Southern NSW already this year and now touring the show across NSW and then Australia wide.

Ross and the band cover the hits from Luke’s first hit Hurricane, through to Kinda Love We Make  and others off his latest album.

The show will give everyone the chance to experience a full show of Luke Combs smash hits. Remember Beer Never Broke Your Heart and you can never have 1 2 Many.


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Swifties! It’s time to pay tribute! Shake It Off The Taylor Swift Tribute Show is simply the closest you can get to experiencing the iconic Taylor Swift herself performing live! Don’t miss your chance to witness the rare talent of Mia Isoardi as Taylor Swift reincarnated as she delivers a quality of performance that only very few are capable of.

With a full rock band comprised of Australia’s finest touring musicians, ’Shake It Off’ will take you on an ever changing & unique journey as they pump out smash hit after smash hit across each of the eras: Her biggest numbers like ’Shake It Off’, ’Style’, ‘Karma’, ’The Man’. Alternate rock anthems like ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’, ’22’ & ’The Story Of Us’. Country classics like ‘Our Song’, ‘Fearless’, ‘Love Story’, Mean’ & ‘You Belong With Me’. Synth pop specials like ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, ‘Anti-Hero’, ‘Cruel Summer’ & ‘Bad Blood’ + many, many more!

True fans simply cannot afford to miss this rare experience. Come party with us and get your Tay Tay fix but be quick as tickets are limited!

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Formed in 2003, The Killer Queen Experience has risen from a Local Brisbane based Queen Cover Band to an International Touring Show and is Australia’s most sought-after Tribute Act today. Meeting Queen in 2020 is the highlight of their career!

Persistence has paid off for Lead Singer John Blunt, original member and Freddie Mercury Impersonator for over 15 years, cementing John as the most recognised Freddie around the globe.
Originally known as “The King and Queen Show” (a tribute to Elvis & Queen), John found his talents entertaining guests at Warner Bros Movie World imitating characters such as Roy Orbison, Austin Powers, Elvis Presley and Freddie. Forgetting his costume fronting a Cover Band for a Halloween gig, John somehow accidentally dressed as Freddie and the rest is history!
The 2- hour live show consists of all Queens Greatest Hits including – Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Somebody to Love, Radio Ga Ga, Another One Bites the Dust and select album tracks for the hardcore fans.


In the Summer of ‘24 Ross Wilson is hitting the road with his all star band The Peaceniks to celebrate over 50 Years of Hits including all the Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock favourites you’d expect along with the latest offering from an almost 6 decade career, tracks from his latest EP on Bloodlines Records She’s Stuck On Facebook All The Time, and everything in between. From Daddy Cool to Mondo Rock and as a solo artist with no less than 26 ARIA Top 40 hits to his credit as a singer, songwriter and producer, Ross Wilson is one of Australia’s most awarded, respected and well-known artists! From the legendary band Daddy Cool whose number one anthem Eagle Rock and debut album "Daddy Who?" smashed all previous sales records in Australia an astounding 50 years ago in 1971, to the 1977 formation of Mondo Rock, delivering 80’s hits ‘Cool World’, ‘State of The Heart’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘No Time’, and ‘Come Said The Boy’ and into the 21st century as a solo performer, Wilson has never been out of the limelight. His Latest release in 2023 She’s Stuck On Facebook All The Time is a modern day tragicomedy in the blues genre. Twice inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, Wilson’s live performances are legendary

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